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The Wild Goose

A recreation of Tokyo in the 1880s by one of Japan’s most influential novelists

“The Sting of Death” and Other Stories

A translation of “The Sting of Death” and other stories by Japanese short fiction writer Shimao Toshio

Settlers of Unassigned Lands

A provocative short story collection planted at fertile and futile crossroads of self and surroundings

American Homes

By Ryan Ridge
Subjects: Fiction
Series: 21st Century Prose

An eccentric, otherworldly guide to the domestic spaces Americans inhabit

Full Metal Jhacket

Following his celebrated debut collection Super Flat Times, Matthew Derby delivers a disturbing new set of stories that plunges us into a lonely heartland of misfits, outcasts, and would-be assassins who lurk in the shadows, searching for connection and meaning in all the wrong places

A Heart Beating Hard

A story about the passed-along People, about how we are the same and how we are different, about how we become who we are and how we protect our most private places from the cold glare of all that we cannot control

Michigan Legends

Folktales and Lore from the Great Lakes State

A collection of stories drawn from Michigan’s rich folk heritage

Open Wound

The Tragic Obsession of Dr. William Beaumont

A fictionalized case of medical ethics in Northern Michigan

Lebanese Blonde

The story of two Lebanese immigrant cousins who concoct a scheme to import a potent strain of hashish into the United States, using the family's mortuary business as a cover

Faithful Unto Death

Arsenic shatters a family in 19th-century Michigan

Curious Attractions

Essays on Fiction Writing

Lively and engaging essays on aspects of the writer's craft from an acclaimed novelist

Good for the Jews

A funny, sexy novel about Jewish families in the Midwest

The Stuff of Fiction

Advice on Craft

Enlarged and Revised Edition

A master storyteller and teacher talks about the tools of the fiction writer's craft

Secret Spaces of Childhood

This eclectic, wide-ranging anthology of essays, art, poetry, fiction, and memoir gathers distinguished contributors, from Wole Soyinka to Joyce Carol Oates

Where No Gods Came

Where No Gods Came, the 2003 winner of the Michigan Literary Fiction Award for original novel, is a candid portrait of the unlikely faces of good and evil, and how an innocent must learn to recognize them to endure

Grand River and Joy

A novel that puts the reader right in the heart of the 1967 Detroit race riots

A Century of November

A Novel

A haunting story of the power of death, the pain of loss, and the possibility of hope in a time of war

The American Wife

A stirring collection of keenly observed stories from the 2007 winner of the Michigan Literary Fiction Award for short fiction

Imagining America in 2033

How the Country Put Itself Together after Bush

A utopian narrative

A Near-Perfect Gift

Startling and compelling stories of small-town life in the tradition of Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio

The Agnostics

A family epic of a generation coming of age in a time of cultural upheaval

A Bad and Stupid Girl

The searching, poetic tale of emotional and intellectual discovery experienced by two young women from different worlds who come together at a Catholic girl's college

Miss Kansas City

A powerful, haunting novel that takes its characters---tragically yet ineluctably in search of love in all the wrong places---to the breaking point and beyond, even as their lives entangle in unexpected ways