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Notes on Vermin

How and why modern literature came to love its pests

The Dilemma of Compliance

Political Parties and Post-Election Disputes

Exploring the causes and consequences of post-election disputes

Expedition Escape from the Classroom

Political Outings on the Campus and the Anxiety of Teaching IR

Breaking out of the classroom to explore how international relations manifest on campus

Listening to the Voices of the Dead

The 3-11 Tohoku Disaster Speaks

An incisive observation of the traumas of loss and marginalization brought to the surface by the 2011 Tōhoku Disaster

The Postdevelopmental State

Dilemmas of Economic Democratization in Contemporary South Korea

Examining the struggle to align high-growth economic models with the egalitarian promises of democracy

The Revolution Will Be Improvised

The Intimacy of Cultural Activism

An examination of revolutionary intimacy-making, experimental performance, and art activism during the civil rights movement

Typologies of Humor in African Literatures

Examining humor and four of its archetypes in twentieth century African literature

Owning My Masters (Mastered)

The Rhetorics of Rhymes & Revolutions

Using hip hop to create new theory

Contemporary Opera in Flux

Edited by Yayoi U Everett
Subjects: Music, Musicology

A collection of essays examining operas that push the conventional boundaries of opera and advance the work of underrepresented composers

Hold Me Down

How the concept of feel is used to write songs

Teaching Difficult Topics

Reflections from the Undergraduate Music Classroom

Reflections from college music instructors offering various approaches to inclusive, supportive pedagogy in the classroom.

Between HIV Prevention and LGBTI Rights

The Political Economy of Queer Activism in Ghana

Examining the impacts of global development processes and HIV response on queer politics and activism in Ghana

Fantasies of Ito Michio

Chronicles Ito Michio’s career and explores how fantasy sustains a life disrupted by war, racialization, and imperialism

In Search of Admiration and Respect

Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in the United States, 1875–1974

Reframes cultural diplomacy as part of China's ongoing quest for modernity beyond wealth and power

Queer Chimerica

A Speculative Auto/Ethnography of the Cool Child

Examining the intersections of queer theory and the rise of China to reveal how queerness is “produced”

Roman Decorative Stone Collections in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

A visual and historical guide to North America’s largest collection of Roman marble artifacts

Beyond the River, Under the Eye of Rome

Explores how Roman perceptions of Danubian peoples influenced some of the most politically and socially significant events of Roman antiquity

Geographies of Relation

Diasporas and Borderlands in the Americas

Examines the interrelationships of Black, Latinx, and mestizx people through their literature, film, and performance.

Down Syndrome Culture

Life Writing, Documentary, and Fiction Film in Iberian and Latin American Contexts

Looking at Down syndrome representation from a global perspective

Classical Myth

An Introduction

2nd Edition

An overview of the history, theory, and stories of myths

Autocrats Can't Always Get What They Want

State Institutions and Autonomy under Authoritarianism

Discovering why autocrats may not be in total control

Mass–Elite Representation Gap in Old and New Democracies

Critical Junctures and Elite Agency

What happens when voters and their representatives don’t agree?