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In Pursuit of Prosperity

Industrial Policy and the Politics of Economic Upgrading

When is economic upgrading successful and when does it fail?

From Kosovo to Darfur

The Regional Biases within Humanitarian Military Interventionism

Exploring the past, present, and future of military humanitarianism

Strategic Responsiveness

How Congress Confronts Presidential Power

Revealing the role of policy in the struggle for power between Congress and the president

Enveloping Worlds

Toward a Discourse of Immersive Performance

A collection analyzing immersive, participatory performances as it has developed in the U.S.

The Performance Apparatus

On Ideological Production of Behaviors

 How aesthetic performance can provide insights into the ideological creation and dissemination of behaviors

Interrogating Integration

Sports, Celebrity, and Scandal in the Making of New Germany

Examining integration discourse through the lens of public debates and sporting events in Germany

A Companion to Apollonius of Rhodes

A complementary text to the Greek poet of Argonautica

Socialist Subjectivities

Queering East Germany under Honecker

Reexamining how East Germans constructed their present and future subjectivities

No Peer Rivals

American Grand Strategy in the Era of Great Power Competition

A new realist grand strategy for the U.S. to maintain its sole superpower status

Cosmopolitan Imaginaries and International Disorder

Exploring why attempts to construct a cosmopolitan order tend to be followed by greater forces of division and disorder

The Homeowner Ideology

Economic (F)Utility of Real Property Rights in Four African Cities

Confronts neoclassical economic conventions on homeownership in sub-Saharan African cities

The Terrorism News Beat

Professionalism, Profit, and the Press

Revealing the journalistic quality of terrorism coverage in U.S. news

The International Politics of Communication

Representing Community in a Globalizing World

Revealing the constant communication that affects politics around the world

Before Before

A Story of Discovery and Loss in Sierra Leone

Reflecting on how building connections with others is necessary for humanity’s survival

Theater, War, and Memory in Crisis

Vichy, Algeria, the Aftermath

Explores how French dramatists addressed violence, conflict, and war trauma after the German occupation and Algerian War

Speaking Our Selves

New Plays by African Women

Foreword by Esi Sutherland-Addy

Bringing African drama to an English-speaking audience


Poetry at the End of Print Culture

Exploring the form and significance of poetry in a digital age

A Commentary on Cicero, de natura deorum II

First English commentary on Cicero’s examination of the gods in over fifty years

Story Tech

Power, Storytelling, and Social Change Advocacy

How increased access to storytelling reshapes our public debates

Shipping Out

Race, Performance, and Labor at Sea

How race, performance, and labor interconnect on Caribbean cruise ships through the lens of a destination lecturer

Ugly Productions

An Aesthetics of Greek Drama

Charts the historical development and deployment of ugliness in Greek drama