Theater and Performance

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Enveloping Worlds

Toward a Discourse of Immersive Performance

A collection analyzing immersive, participatory performances as it has developed in the U.S.

The Performance Apparatus

On Ideological Production of Behaviors

 How aesthetic performance can provide insights into the ideological creation and dissemination of behaviors

Theater, War, and Memory in Crisis

Vichy, Algeria, the Aftermath

Explores how French dramatists addressed violence, conflict, and war trauma after the German occupation and Algerian War

Speaking Our Selves

New Plays by African Women

Foreword by Esi Sutherland-Addy

Bringing African drama to an English-speaking audience

Shipping Out

Race, Performance, and Labor at Sea

How race, performance, and labor interconnect on Caribbean cruise ships through the lens of a destination lecturer

Ugly Productions

An Aesthetics of Greek Drama

Charts the historical development and deployment of ugliness in Greek drama


Performing Trans/Queer Cuba

How drag performance transforms the social landscape of Cuba and illuminates the island’s racial, sexual, and economic inequalities

Dancing on the Fault Lines of History

Selected Essays

Encapsulating a career of studying modern dance

Readying the Revolution

African American Theater and Performance from Post-World War II to the Black Arts Movement

A critical history of Black culture post-World War II that helped cultivate the spirit of Black revolutionary theater

A Queer History of Flamenco

Diversions, Transitions, and Returns in Flamenco Dance (1808–2018)

Translated by Ryan Rockmore

Revealing the LGBTQ+ lives of Flamenco artists

A Commentary on Plautus' Curculio

The first commentary on Plautus’ Curculio in over forty years

The Revolution Will Be Improvised

The Intimacy of Cultural Activism

An examination of revolutionary intimacy-making, experimental performance, and art activism during the civil rights movement

Fantasies of Ito Michio

Chronicles Ito Michio’s career and explores how fantasy sustains a life disrupted by war, racialization, and imperialism

In Search of Admiration and Respect

Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in the United States, 1875–1974

Reframes cultural diplomacy as part of China's ongoing quest for modernity beyond wealth and power

Geographies of Relation

Diasporas and Borderlands in the Americas

How diaspora and borderlands subjects from across the Americas have represented and performed their interrelationship

Dancing with the Modernist City

Metropolitan Dance Texts around 1900

Combining urban experiences and modern dance to develop metropolitan dance texts

Alchemies of Theater

Plays, Scores, Writings

 Illuminating the extensive contributions of Dick Higgins to theater

Cue Tears

On the Act of Crying

Lively essays on the meanings and methods of tears in performance

Revolutionary Stagecraft

Theater, Technology, and Politics in Modern China

Reveals the deep entanglement of technological modernization, political agendas, and the performing arts in modern China

Staging Blackness

Representations of Race in German-Speaking Drama and Theater

Examining how Blackness has been historically staged in German theater and how it should be represented today

Incarceration Games

A History of Role-Play in Psychology, Prisons, and Performance

Revisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment and other psychological experiments as performance and theater

Bodies on the Front Lines

Performance, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Performances as feminist, queer, and trans activism, from theater and flash mobs to street protests and online manifestos

Opera for Everyone

The Industry's Experiments with American Opera in the Digital Age

How one opera company represents the economic precarity and aesthetic possibilities of operatic performance in the twenty-first century U.S.

Greasepaint Puritan

Boston to 42nd Street in the Queer Backstage Novels of Bradford Ropes

Recovers the life and art of Bradford Ropes, author of 42nd Street and chronicler of gay lives in early show business