18th Century Literature

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The Visual Life of Romantic Theater, 1780-1830

Provides fresh perspectives on the Romantic era through a focus on the visual nature and impact of the stage

Owning Performance | Performing Ownership

Literary Property and the Eighteenth-Century British Stage

How playwrights, actors, and theater managers vied for control over the performance of popular plays after the passage of England’s first copyright law

Scenes from Bourgeois Life

Reveals theatre’s central role in the formation of bourgeois subjectivity

Shakespeare and the Legacy of Loss

How Garrick and company resurrected Shakespeare, guaranteeing his immortality—and theirs 

Spectacular Disappearances

Celebrity and Privacy, 1696-1801

A look at England’s larger-than-life figures in the 18th century shines a spotlight on contemporary celebrity

The First Actresses

From Nell Gwyn to Sarah Siddons

Portraits of the earliest actresses and what they convey about a once-disreputable profession

Risk Culture

Performance and Danger in Early America

Close textual analysis explores the culture of risk in our country's early days

Lewd and Notorious

Female Transgression in the Eighteenth Century

Hags, tarts, killers, and freaks--this compelling collection explores the representations of eighteenth-century female aberrations and grotesques


Engendering the Modern Body

A groundbreaking contribution to the emerging field of disability studies in the eighteenth century

Naming Properties

Nominal Reference in Travel Writings by Basho and Sora, Johnson and Boswell

An unprecedented comparison of three classics of Japanese and English travel literature

Joan of Arc

Recreates Joan's mission, betrayal, and death