History of Economic Thought

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Ancient Maritime Loan Contracts

How contracts reveal the link between commerce and law in maritime societies

Industry at the Crossroads

Proceedings from the second U.S.-Japan Automotive Conference, 1982

A History of Japan’s Government-Business Relationship

The Passenger Car Industry

Examines the interactions between Japan's government and passenger car industry as it traces the development of the industry from its origins in the early 1900s.

Automobiles and the Future

Competition, Cooperation, and Change

Proceedings from the third U.S.-Japan Automotive Conference, 1983

The Japanese Automotive Industry

Model and Challenge for the Future?

Proceedings from the first U.S.-Japan Automotive Conference, 1981

A Tale of Two Capitalisms

Sacred Economics in Nineteenth-Century Britain

An interdisciplinary examination of nineteenth-century British capitalism, its architects, and its critics

The Street Porter and the Philosopher

Conversations on Analytical Egalitarianism

Leading economists explore the premise that all social interactions are exchanges among inherently equal human beings

The Cult of Statistical Significance

How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and Lives

How the most important statistical method used in many of the sciences doesn't pass the test for basic common sense

Work and Play

The Production and Consumption of Toys in Germany, 1870-1914

Explores the history of the German toy industry and the role of toys and play in the evolution of a bourgeois German lifestyle

The "Vanity of the Philosopher"

From Equality to Hierarchy in Post-Classical Economics

Attempts to explain the shift from egalitarian Classical economic thought to the difference and hierarchy of post-Classical economic thinking

Understanding Economic Recovery in the 1930s

Endogenous Propagation in the Great Depression

A must read for specialists interested in Depression-era economics

How the Dismal Science Got Its Name

Classical Economics and the Ur-Text of Racial Politics

A shocking account of how economics became known as the dismal science

From Liberty to Democracy

The Transformation of American Government

An analysis of American political history using the economic framework of public choice theory

Social Science and Policy-Making

A Search for Relevance in the Twentieth Century

How the social sciences in America were developed as a means of social reform

Harmony and the Balance

An Intellectual History of Seventeenth-Century English Economic Thought

Places the work of major economic writers of seventeenth-century England within the broader context of the intellectual revolutions of the period

The Pillars of Economic Understanding

Factors and Markets

An authoritative and originally structured view of the history of economics

Government and Local Power in Japan, 500-1700

A Study Based on Bizen Province

An influential interpretation of premodern Japanese political and institutional history.

Comparative Law and Economics

The book links the study of comparative law with the study of law and economics

Art and the Market

Roger Fry on Commerce in Art, Selected Writings, Edited with an Interpretation

A major Bloomsbury figure writes about the art market, and an economist interprets his ideas

Explaining Social Institutions

Important scholars offer new perspectives on the formation and growth of social institutions

The Pillars of Economic Understanding

Ideas and Traditions

Major new history of economics that focuses on philosophical foundations of the discipline

Institutions and Social Order

Explores the relationship between institutions and the maintenance of social order

Dynamics, Economic Growth, and International Trade

Combines two areas in economics: the theory of economic growth and the theory of international trade

Farm Policy and Trade Conflict

The Uruguay Round and CAP Reform

Provides a context for understanding the agricultural aspects of the GATT, the CAP, and EC-U.S. relations