Studies in International Economics (Series)

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Studies in International Economics includes works dealing with the theory, empirical analysis, and evaluation of international economic policies and institutions, in the area of international macroeconomics and finance, international trade theory and policy, as well as international legal and political economy.

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Much Ado about Culture

North American Trade Disputes

Examines trade disputes between Canada and the United States over the cultural industries and proposes a way to resolve such conflicts

International Trade and Human Rights

Foundations and Conceptual Issues (World Trade Forum, Volume 5)

The World Trade Forum 2001 on Trade and Human Rights addressed the most controversial issues in the debate on globalization

Trade Threats, Trade Wars

Bargaining, Retaliation, and American Coercive Diplomacy

A multidisciplinary approach that offers practical policy prescriptions

Reluctant Partners

A History of Multilateral Trade Cooperation, 1850-2000

Examines how and why nations have succeeded in forming cooperative trade arrangements

Intellectual Property

Trade, Competition, and Sustainable Development The World Trade Forum, Volume 3

Focuses on the WTO and intellectual property rights in international law

Issues and Options for U.S.-Japan Trade Policies

Addresses the central negotiating issues involving the trade policies and relations between the United States and Japan

Quantifying the Impact of Technical Barriers to Trade

Can It Be Done?

A discussion of the increasingly contentious debates over national regulations of safety and health in the international trade system

Lessons from East Asia

Case studies, success stories, and cross-country essays on public policy in East Asian economies

Institutions and Investments

Foreign Direct Investment in China during an Era of Reforms

Provides an in-depth look at how China's financial institutions interact with foreign investment

Catching Up with the Competition

Trade Opportunities and Challenges for Arab Countries

Examines important issues in trade in and among nations in the Middle East and North America

Regulatory Barriers and the Principle of Non-discrimination in World Trade Law

Past, Present, and Future

The second volume in the World Trade Forum annual focuses on regulatory barriers to trade and the principle of nondiscrimination

Social Dimensions of U.S. Trade Policies

Trade policy experts convene to explore the social ramifications of the United States' international trade policy

The Uruguay Round and Beyond

Essays in Honor of Arthur Dunkel

Key players in world trade policy formation discuss the origins of the World Trade Organization--and where it is going

Essays in History

Financial, Economic, Personal

Classic Kindleberger: Engaging and stimulating reading on eclectic topics in finance, economics, and the life of this captivating author

Development, Duality, and the International Economic Regime

Essays In Honor of Gustav Ranis

A stellar group of economists examine and evaluate important issues in development economics

The Impact of Trade and Domestic Policy Reforms in India

A CGE Modeling Approach

A specially designed computable general equilibrium model is used to analyze the effects of recent policy reforms in the Indian economy

Measurement of Nontariff Barriers

Evaluates methods for measuring nontariff barriers and recommends the most effective procedures

State Trading in the Twenty-First Century

The World Trade Forum, Volume 1

The first volume in the World Trade Forum annual examines trade liberalization and property ownership

Rags and Riches

Implementing Apparel Quotas under the Multi-Fibre Arrangement

Examines MFA quota implementation, efficiency, and rent sharing

Applied International Trade Analysis

An international trade text that integrates theoretical and applied methods

Dynamics, Economic Growth, and International Trade

Combines two areas in economics: the theory of economic growth and the theory of international trade

Financial Integration and Real Activity

Globalization, financial deregulation, a single European currency . . . this book examines what all these changes mean for the world economy.