Macro Economics

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How the Clinton Administration Completed the Reagan Revolution

Illuminates recent national economic policy and warns against the single-minded commitment to balance the federal budget. The paperback edition features a new preface and afterword

The Great Depression

An International Disaster of Perverse Economic Policies

A concise analysis of the economic policy mistakes that led to the Great Depression and the consequences that followed

Understanding Economic Recovery in the 1930s

Endogenous Propagation in the Great Depression

A must read for specialists interested in Depression-era economics

International Capital Flows in Calm and Turbulent Times

The Need for New International Architecture

Provides a much-needed look at the role of international capital flows in recent financial crises

Volatile States

Institutions, Policy, and the Performance of American State Economies

New research reevaluates the disparities in economic growth and living standards among American states

Banking on Reform

Political Parties and Central Bank Independence in the Industrial Democracies

Examines the political determinants of recent reforms to monetary policy institutions in the industrial democracies

Congress, the President, and the Federal Reserve

The Politics of American Monetary Policy-Making

Explores the power of the President and Congress over the Federal Reserve

Capital Flows, Capital Controls, and Currency Crises

Latin America in the 1990s

Examines the resurgence in private capital inflows experienced by Latin America during the 1990s

Financial Integration and Real Activity

Globalization, financial deregulation, a single European currency . . . this book examines what all these changes mean for the world economy.

The Macroeconomics of Saving, Finance, and Investment

Edited by Robert Pollin
Subjects: Economics, Macro Economics

Reconsiders many of the most basic theoretical, empirical, and policy-oriented controversies embedded in the macroeconomics of saving, finance, and investment

The Tyranny of the Market

A Critique of Theoretical Foundations

A profound reconsideration of economists' ideas of the market

The World Economy and National Finance in Historical Perspective

A distinguished scholar looks at current financial problems from a historical perspective

New Directions in Trade Theory

Develops ideas and offers new approaches to the topic of trade theory.

Labyrinths of Prosperity

Economic Follies, Democratic Remedies

Savings and Bequests

How do bequests explain differences in savings behavior between countries?

Taxation and Public Goods

A Welfare-Economic Critique of Tax Policy Analysis

New approach to the analysis of tax policies

Aggressive Unilateralism

America's 301 Trade Policy and the World Trading System

A comprehensive analysis of aggressive unilateralism in trade policy

The Keynesian Recovery and Other Essays

This volume brings together Howitt's key contributions to the development of macroeconomic theory

Money Demand and Monetary Policy

An analysis of the literature dealing with the demand for money