Linking Levels of Analysis (Series)

This series is closed to submissions.

Linking Levels of Analysis concentrates on understanding the relationship between local-level systems and larger, more inclusive systems. This area is receiving considerable attention from scholars, and it is this work, in all its variety, that Linking Levels of Analysis is designed to publish. The series includes theoretical works, substantive analyses, and methodological studies. 

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Building a New Biocultural Synthesis

Political-Economic Perspectives on Human Biology

Shows the potential for a reintegrated, critical, and politically relevant biocultural anthropology

Harvesting Coffee, Bargaining Wages

Rural Labor Markets in Colombia, 1975-1990

A close ethnographic study of how culture, power, gender, and institutions affect labor exchanges

Innovation and Individuality in African Development

Changing Production Strategies in Rural Mali

Directly confronts myths of an exotic Africa, full of insoluble problems

The Allure of the Foreign

Imported Goods in Postcolonial Latin America

A rich analysis of the internal social factors that drive the demand for foreign goods

Culture and Global Change

Social Perceptions of Deforestation in the Lacandona Rain Forest in Mexico

Offers a model for how to gather information on the human dimensions of global change

Diagnosing America

Anthropology and Public Engagement

A clarion call to anthropologists to help address critical social problems that tear at the fabric of our society