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Micro Economics

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A Casebook on Corporate Renewal

2nd Edition

A helpful tool for business students studying turnaround management and corporate renewal

Positive Political Theory I

Collective Preference

A definitive, comprehensive, and analytically sophisticated treatment of the theory of collective preference

Games, Information, and Politics

Applying Game Theoretic Models to Political Science

Explains how game theory can be used to explain political phenomena

Positive Political Theory II

Strategy and Structure

The second volume of the encyclopedic work on individual preferences and collective behavior

A Casebook on Corporate Renewal

A helpful tool for business students studying turnaround management and corporate renewal

Economics in Real Time

A Theoretical Reconstruction

A new model for contemporary economic behavior

Constructing Cooperation

The Evolution of Institutions of Comanagement

Considers how cooperation between public and private groups brings about systems of balanced management of an important common pool resource

Time, Ignorance, and Uncertainty in Economic Models

Formal economic analysis using Shackle's ideas of historical time and nonprobabilistic uncertainty

The Rebel's Dilemma

The author brings significant new insights to the study of dissent, rebellion, and revolution

Joint Ventures of Labor and Capital

Core theory sheds light on the formation and survival of joint ventures of labor and capital

The Social Benefits of Education

Measures and examines benefits of education beyond economic effects

The Cooperator's Dilemma

A comprehensive and current presentation of the collective-action approach

The Tyranny of the Market

A Critique of Theoretical Foundations

A profound reconsideration of economists' ideas of the market

The Return to Increasing Returns

Makes available important articles on increasing returns as related to the size of the economy

Paying the Piper

Productivity, Incentives, and Financing in U.S. Higher Education

Examines the successes and problems of U.S. higher education

Analytical Methods in Economics

An accessible introduction to the analytical foundation of economics

Taxation and Public Goods

A Welfare-Economic Critique of Tax Policy Analysis

New approach to the analysis of tax policies

Explaining Process and Change

Approaches to Evolutionary Economics

International experts discuss new applications for evolutionary economics

Social Norms and Economic Institutions

Examines the role of values and social norms in the functioning of economic institutions

Studies in Economic Rationality

X-Efficiency Examined and Extolled

Explores the X-efficiency paradigm in relation to the theory of the firm

The Walrasian Vision of the Microeconomy

An Elementary Exposition of the Structure of Modern General Equilibrium Theory

Articulates the traditional vision of the microeconomy using a general equilibrium model