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Industrial Organization

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Principles of Corporate Renewal

3rd Edition

A comprehensive approach to renewing troubled companies

A Casebook on Corporate Renewal

2nd Edition

A helpful tool for business students studying turnaround management and corporate renewal

A Casebook on Corporate Renewal

A helpful tool for business students studying turnaround management and corporate renewal

Competitiveness Matters

Industry and Economic Performance in the U.S.

Argues that competitiveness is essential to the health of the U.S. economy and standard of living

Joint Ventures of Labor and Capital

Core theory sheds light on the formation and survival of joint ventures of labor and capital

Why Regulate Utilities?

The New Institutional Economics and the Chicago Gas Industry, 1849-1924

A coherent argument in favor of regulating utilities

The Technological Competitiveness of Japanese Multinationals

The European Dimension

Explores the development of Japanese multinational R & D laboratories

Cash, Crisis, and Corporate Governance

The Role of National Financial Systems in Industrial Restructuring

A "bottom-up" perspective on government-industry relations focusing on the government's role in restructuring industry in Europe and the U.S.

Regulation, Organizations, and Politics

Motor Freight Policy at the Interstate Commerce Commission

A major study of federal regulation

Explaining Process and Change

Approaches to Evolutionary Economics

International experts discuss new applications for evolutionary economics


Economic Theory and History

Links the history and economics of regulation

Schumpeterian Puzzles

Technological Competition and Economic Evolution

Evolving Technology and Market Structure

Studies in Schumpeterian Economics

A detailed analysis of Schumpeter's legacy and the impact of his thought on both theory and empirical work

Studies in Economic Rationality

X-Efficiency Examined and Extolled

Explores the X-efficiency paradigm in relation to the theory of the firm

Voices of the Industrial Revolution

Selected Readings from the Liberal Economists and Their Critics