Natural Resources

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Borne of the Wind

Michigan Sand Dunes

An introduction to the ecology of Michigan's sand dunes

Arboretum Borealis

A Lifeline of the Planet

The description, history, and care of the world's northern forests

Beyond Sputnik

U.S. Science Policy in the Twenty-First Century

A timely introduction to all facets of U.S. national science policy

Gardens and Neighbors

Private Water Rights in Roman Italy

The first in-depth study of Roman water rights in Italy

Carbon Strategies

How Leading Companies Are Reducing Their Climate Change Footprint

A clear, practical guide to sustainable climate policy for business leaders and corporate change-makers

Butterflies of the Great Lakes Region

1st Edition

A unique and beautifully illustrated field and reference guide to the true butterflies of the Great Lakes watershed

Arboretum America

A Philosophy of the Forest

A passionately intelligent, exquisitely illustrated guide to the native trees of the North American continent that offers an informative and entertaining blueprint for rebuilding the biosphere

On the Banks of the Ganga

When Wastewater Meets a Sacred River

Explores the collision of sacred purity with environmental pollution of the river Ganga (Ganges)

Dripping Dry

Literature, Politics and Water in the Desert Southwest

Explores the convergences of U.S. water policy and the literature of the American West

Economics of Forestry and Rural Development

An Empirical Introduction from Asia

An empirical overview of social forestry in Asia and how it relates to community development and household behavior

International Project Analysis and Financing

Offers theoretical and practical approaches to both the analysis of international projects and their financing

A Focus on Peatlands and Peat Mosses

Examines the fens and bogs of the upper Midwest, with a taxonomic treatment of peat mosses

The Ecosystem Approach in Anthropology

From Concept to Practice

Revised Edition

After Duwagan

Deforestation, Succession, and Adaptation in Upland Luzon, Philippines

Provides a model for empirically assessing the practice of shifting agriculture through a case study of Ayta farming systems