Provides voting records by district and individual for every House of Representatives election in Japan since 1947, along with demographic data.


 This volume is designed to provide basic data on postwar Japanese elections. It differs from other reference volumes in several respects. First, it is designed for English speakers. One can use this volume with no knowledge of Japanese. It thus makes Japanese electoral returns available to a larger audience. Second, and most importantly, the data are arranged by district over time, making it easy to follow a given district or a particular candidate over the entire postwar period. The presentation is designed to make it easy to see “what happened” in each district in each election: who retired, who fielded new candidates, whose vote went up and whose went down. Each table should make it relatively easy to analyze the dynamics of Japanese politics at the election district level. [xi]

Steven Reed is on the faculty of policy studies at Chuo University, Hachioji City, Tokyo, Japan.

"An indispensable source book for comparative electoral studies."—Rein Taagepera, University of California, Irvine

"'An incredibly rich source book with a wealth of crucial district-level data-presented in great detail and with maximum clarity. It will be extremely useful not only for Japan specialists but even more for comparative analysts of electoral systems an d electoral behavior. Steven Reed's book is a superb model that I wish electoral systems experts in other countries would follow.'"
—Arend Lijphart, University of California, San Diego