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Essays that explore literature, art, and contemporary culture and their connections to time and place

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Reception - 1
Angel Fire - 17
Sea Level - 27
Cataract - 39
Madonna - 45
Marble - 57
Spanish Poppy - 67
Ceremony - 79
Working Time - 95
Perfume - 103
The Poet on Earth - 107
Suspension Bridge - 115
One Day Old - 135

Notes - 147


Working Time collects essays by prize-winning poet Jane Miller on the subjects of poetry, travel, and culture. The discussions of contemporary poetry begin with excursions into geography, where language literally “takes shape.” Each essay is set in a landscape, where the notion of travel as a poetic experience, from the American Southwest to places in Italy, France, and Spain, is explored.
The essays consider notions of time, duration, narrative, documentary, and history in American poetry, and view poetry in the light of developments in feminism, postmodern theory, and contemporary poetic practice. In addition to poetry, Miller investigates a range of cultural products and art forms, including film, video, photography, painting, sculpture, music, and the Madonna phenomenon.