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Key Dates in the Ancient World (Series)

Key Dates in the Ancient World presents books treating the big moments and big themes of the classical world. Intended for the undergraduate classroom, Key Dates volumes focus on the important periods and dates in the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Even casual explorers of the ancient world will know that not all years, not all periods, are equal: the year 44 BCE, when Julius Caesar was murdered – the year 404 BCE, when Athens finally lost its empire – these and other such offer unique opportunities to examine people and cultures under pressure. Could Rome remain a Republic after Caesar's assassination in 44? Why did the Athenian empire fail in 404? Why do democracies fail? Why do wars start? How do states deal with inequality or mediate difference?

Selected original sources are presented in contemporary translation, together with analysis of the documents, thus creating an inviting and comprehensible narrative that students can follow. Volumes are sized and priced for student use, and no Greek or Latin is required. Students in Classics, Ancient History, Comparative History, Political Science, or Archaeology may all find volumes in the series to be welcome either as stand-alone texts, or used in conjunction with others.

Ellen Bauerle, Series Editor

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Athens 415

The City in Crisis

A detailed look for the classroom at one of the most significant events in Athens’ history