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Classic Kindleberger: Engaging and stimulating reading on eclectic topics in finance, economics, and the life of this captivating author


Essays in History is a collection of papers and articles providing a breathtaking span across the twentieth century and delving into such diverse topics as economic and financial crises in the sixteenth century, retirement reading for bankers, and a first-hand account of the genesis and formation of the Marshall Plan. Who else to explore such far-flung topics, and bring such intelligence and wit to them, as Charles Kindleberger?
Readers will find here a strong view on the need for economic history to guide theoretical research. They will also detect Kindleberger's doubtfulness regarding economic theory based on assumptions that all participants in society are honest, well informed, and make their judgments independently. Finally, they will be led to the conclusion that, in light of these views, those who think that finance and the economy should be completely unregulated are misguided.
A foreword by Peter Temin, professor of economics at MIT and former student and colleague of Kindleberger's, history, Charlie Kindleberger still writes brilliantly--pro-foundly, but also intelligibly and wittily." --H.W. Arndt, Australian National University
"Essays in History is not just extraordinarily well written, but a delightful and engaging read that helps put current financial land economic questions into proper historical perspective." --Douglas Irwin, Dartmouth College
Charles P. Kindleberger is Ford International Professor Emeritus of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.