Development and Inequality in the Market Economy (Series)

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International Capital Flows in Calm and Turbulent Times

The Need for New International Architecture

Provides a much-needed look at the role of international capital flows in recent financial crises

Reinventing the State

Economic Strategy and Institutional Change in Peru

The first comprehensive political economic overview of Peru in over two decades

Economic Reforms in Chile

From Dictatorship to Democracy

An analysis of the neoliberal reform in Chile during the last thirty years

Out of the Red

Building Capitalism and Democracy in Postcommunist Europe

A comprehensive parallel study of two critical East-Central European transition economies

Capital Flows, Capital Controls, and Currency Crises

Latin America in the 1990s

Examines the resurgence in private capital inflows experienced by Latin America during the 1990s

After Neoliberalism

What Next for Latin America?

Neoliberal policy reform in Latin America is examined critically

Social Inequality

Values, Growth, and the State

Considers philosophical, growth, and redistributive issues surrounding the problem of social inequality

Road Maps to Prosperity

Essays on Growth and Development

Reviews and analyzes recent contributions to and experiences in economic development