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U OF M Center for Japanese Studies (Imprint)

Center for Japanese Studies

The Publications Program of the Center for Japanese Studies at the University of Michigan publishes research on Japan by scholars around the world. Works currently appear in print in three series (Michigan Monograph Series in Japanese Studies, Michigan Papers in Japanese Studies, and Michigan Classics in Japanese Studies) and as nonseries publications. Center books have been reviewed in The New York Times, The Times Literary Supplement, Publishers Weekly, and World Literature Today, as well as in all the major journals on Japanese and Asian studies. Over one hundred universities and colleges have adopted Center titles as textbooks for classes on Japanese language, literature, and culture. The Center also publishes materials of special interest to industry, government, and the general public. The Center published its first book in 1950.CJS series distributed by UMP:

Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) Publications1080 S. University Ave., Suite 4640Ann Arbor 48109-1106


Manuscripts or proposals should be sent to the Chair of the Center’s Faculty Advisory Committee for Publications, Professor Hitomi Tonomura (tomitono@umich.edu)

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The Buddhist Poetry of the Great Kamo Priestess

Daisaiin Senshi and Hosshin Wakashu

Provides new translations and sensitive readings of the devotional Buddhist poems of Senshi, the Great Kamo Priestess of the Heian period

Black Eggs

Poems by Kurihara Sadako

The poetic voice of one of Japan’s greatest 20th-century poets

Going to Court to Change Japan

Social Movements and the Law in Contemporary Japan

Examines the relationship between social movements and the law in bringing about social change in Japan

The Wild Goose

A recreation of Tokyo in the 1880s by one of Japan’s most influential novelists

The Grand Old Man and the Great Tradition

Essays on Tanizaki Jun’ichiro in Honor of Adriana Boscaro

Collects nine assessments of Tanizaki’s relationship with the classical literary tradition, in honor of the contributions of one of the great modernist’s most tireless scholars

Japan in the World, the World in Japan

Fifty Years of Japanese Studies at Michigan

An intimate look at the growth of Japanese studies at the University of Michigan.

Political Leadership in Contemporary Japan

A collection of essays capturing the state of leadership in postwar Japan

Industry at the Crossroads

Proceedings from the second U.S.-Japan Automotive Conference, 1982

A History of Japan’s Government-Business Relationship

The Passenger Car Industry

Examines the interactions between Japan's government and passenger car industry as it traces the development of the industry from its origins in the early 1900s.

Automobiles and the Future

Competition, Cooperation, and Change

Proceedings from the third U.S.-Japan Automotive Conference, 1983

Christian Converts and Social Protests in Meiji Japan

Addresses the reasons for samurai warriors' turn to Christianity and the nature of conversion

Sukeroku’s Double Identity

The Dramatic Structure of Edo Kabuki

A study of traditional Edo kabuki through the play Sukeroku.

Collective Decision Making in Rural Japan

The first detailed investigation into the decision making processes of rural Japan

“The Sting of Death” and Other Stories

A translation of “The Sting of Death” and other stories by Japanese short fiction writer Shimao Toshio

The Japanese Automotive Industry

Model and Challenge for the Future?

Proceedings from the first U.S.-Japan Automotive Conference, 1981

The American Automobile Industry

Rebirth or Requiem?

Proceedings from the fourth U.S.-Japan Automotive Conference, 1984


The lives and minds of three men come together in ways that are both commonplace and surprising

The Culture of the Quake

The Great Kanto Earthquake and Taisho Japan

An exploration of Taishō-era narrative fiction

Lords of the Sea

Pirates, Violence, and Commerce in Late Medieval Japan

Reframes medieval Japan through the perspective of seafarers, a novel supplement to conventional land-based analyses

Conquering Demons

The “Kirishitan,” Japan, and the World in Early Modern Japanese Literature

Examines the origins and influence of three popular anti-Kirishitan (anti-Christian) works from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Rethinking Japanese History

A call to reconsider Japanese history from the perspective of the deep past

Women and Public Life in Early Meiji Japan

The Development of the Feminist Movement

Offers a fresh perspective on Meiji Japan with a spotlight on women’s activities in the new public spaces of the era

Laughing Wolf

Depicts Japan’s grisly postwar years through the eyes of two children travelling by train