21st Century Prose (Series)

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Settlers of Unassigned Lands

A provocative short story collection planted at fertile and futile crossroads of self and surroundings

American Homes

By Ryan Ridge
Subjects: Fiction
Series: 21st Century Prose

An eccentric, otherworldly guide to the domestic spaces Americans inhabit

Full Metal Jhacket

Following his celebrated debut collection Super Flat Times, Matthew Derby delivers a disturbing new set of stories that plunges us into a lonely heartland of misfits, outcasts, and would-be assassins who lurk in the shadows, searching for connection and meaning in all the wrong places

A Heart Beating Hard

A story about the passed-along People, about how we are the same and how we are different, about how we become who we are and how we protect our most private places from the cold glare of all that we cannot control