Examines the fens and bogs of the upper Midwest, with a taxonomic treatment of peat mosses

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Chapter 1. Fens and Bogs, the Peat-Storing Wetlands     1
Chapter 2. The Origin and Development of Peatlands     29
Chapter 3. Peatlands Plants and the Tonic of Wildness     57
Chapter 4. Nutrients in Scant Supply     111
Chapter 5. Life in a Wet Desert     141
Chapter 6. Peatland Archives     163
Chapter 7. The Nature and Use of Peat and Peatland     177
Chapter 8. A Close Look at Peat Mosses: A Bryologist's Vademecum     201
Glossary     277
Bibliography     285
Index     299


A Focus on Peatlands and Peat Mosses surveys the fens and bogs of the Upper Midwest, examining how plant life is directly affected by coldness, waterlogged peat accumulations, and habitats that become progressively more acidic and mineral poor. Other topics explored include classification of peatlands, nutrient cycling, and the detailed taxonomy of peat mosses.