Applied General Equilibrium and Economic Development

Present Achievements and Future Trends

Subjects: Economics, Micro Economics
Hardcover : 9780472103829, 376 pages, figures, tables, 6 x 9, January 1994
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Introduction by Jean Mercenier and T.N. Srinivasan     1

Part 1. Modeling Agricultral Policy Issues

Chapter 1. Food Policy Simulations for Indonesia: The Fifth Five-Year Plan Period, 1989-93 by Michiel A. Keyzer and Wim C.M. van Veen     21

Comment: Jeffrey D. Lewis
Comment: Shantayanan Devarajan

Chapter 2. Agricultural Price Policy in India: Some Explorations by Kirit S. Parikh     65

Comment: Gary McMahon
Comment: Andre Martens

Part 2. Analysis of Stablization Programs

Chapter 3. Macroeconomic Stabilization and Adjustment Policies in a General Equilibrium Model with Financial Markets: Turkey by Jeffrey D. Lewis     101

Comment: Eduardo Lora
Comment: Nancy Benjamin

Chapter 4. A Financial Computable General Equilibrium Model for the Analysis of Stabilization Programs by Andre Fargeix and Elisabeth Sadoulet     147

Comment: Lance Taylor
Comment: Francois Bourguignon

Part 3. Modeling Imperfect Competition

Chapter 5. Tariffs and Export Subsidies when Domestic Markets Are Oligopolistic: Korea by Jaime de Melo and David Roland-Holst     191

Comment: Dominique Desruelle
Comment: Ngo Van Long

Chapter 6. In the Cournot-Walras General Equilibrium Model, There May Be "More to Gain" by Changing the Numeraire than by Eliminating Imperfections: A Two-Good Economy Example by Victor Ginsburgh     217

Comment: Jacques Robert

Part 4. Modeling Intertemporal Trade-offs

Chapter 7. Investment, Expectations, and Dutch Disease: A Comparative Study: Bolivia, Cameroon, Indonesia by Nancy Benjamin     235

Comment: Gary McMahon

Chapter 8. A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Effects of Carbon Emission Restrictions on Economic Growth in a Developing Country: Egypt by Charles R. Blitzer, Richard S. Eckaus, Supriya Lahiri, and Alexander Meeraus     255

Comment: Shantayanan Devarajan

Chapter 9. Structural Adjustment and Growth in a Highly Indebted Market Economy: Brazil by Jean Mercenier and Maria da Conceicao Sampaiio de Souza     281

Comment: Lance Taylor
Comment: Michiel Keyzer

Chapter 10. North-South-OPEC Trade Relations in an Intertemporal Applied General Equilibrium Model by Jean-Claude Berthelemy and Francois Bourguignon     317

Comment: Victor Ginsburgh

References     347
Contributors     359


Presents sophisticated applied analyses of issues in development economics