Offers an alternative approach to liberalism and to communitarianism, with an empirical focus on Israel

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"Relying on theories of politics, law, and society, Barzilai offers a 'critical communitarian' solution that views non-ruling communities as cultural foci of mobilization. His thoughtful analysis contributes to key theoretical discussions of the relationship between communitarianism and national minorities: feminism and religious fundamentalism. This insightful book explores the continuum of litigation to violence in the broader context of politics of identity. . . . Highly recommended."

"A remarkable achievement."
--Malcolm Feeley, University of California, Berkeley

"A rich, subtle, and wide-ranging analysis of the complex interaction between law and culture in Israeli society."
--Pnina Lahav, Boston University School of Law

"Barzilai makes a major contribution to thinking about state-society relations, pointing researchers to the plurality of communities harboring different sorts of legal identities, consciousness, and practices."
--Joel Migdal, University of Washington

Communities and Law examines the intersection of communities, cultures, and laws in public life, asking important questions about how nonruling communities confront the law in their efforts to achieve political goals.

Gad Barzilai is Professor of International Studies, Law & Political Science at the University of Washington.