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Introduction     1

1. Institutions in American Society: An Overview
John E. Jackson     9

2. Sex-Role Socialization and Occupational Segregation: An Exploratory Investigation
Mary E. Corcoran and Paul N. Courant     31

3. American Institutions and the Study of Family Life in the Past
Maris A. Vinovskis     57

4. History, Sociology, and Theories of Organization
Mayer N. Zald     81

5. Industrial Growth and Social Institutions
Frank P. Stafford and Malcolm Robinson     109

6. Relations between Organizations: Institutions, Self-interest, and Congressional Oversight Behavior in the United States
Joel D. Auerbach     135

7. Political Mobilization in America
Jack L. Walker     163

8. Formal Political Theory and the Design and Evaluation of Institutions
John R. Chamberlin     189

9. Building the Impossible State: Toward an Institutional Analysis of Statebuilding in America, 1820-1930
Terrence J. McDonald     217

Contributors     241


An interdisciplinary study of the political, economic, and social institutions that give character and direction to our society