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Is Europe in the midst of an Islamization process? Or is it the other way around?


The effect of Islam on Western Europe has been profound. Spektorowski and Elfersy argue that it has transformed European democratic values by inspiring an ultra-liberalism that now faces an ultra-conservative backlash. Questions of what to do about Muslim immigration, how to deal with burqas, how to deal with gender politics, have all been influenced by western democracies’ grappling with ideas of inclusion and most recently, exclusion. This book examines those forces and ultimately sees, not an unbridgeable gap, but a future in which Islam and European democracies are compatible, rich, and evolving.

Alberto Spektorowski is a visiting professor of political science at Columbia University.
Dafna Elfersy was a PhD in Political Science at Tel Aviv University.

“The scorn with which left-leaning champions of diversity regard right-leaning traditions and communities often acts as lighter fuel for authoritarian, populist forms of nationalism. Can those inflamed divides be bridged? Alberto Spektorowski and Daphna Elfersy dare to suggest they can; and they offer invaluable insights into how those bridges might be built.”
—Rogers M. Smith, Christopher H. Brown Distinguished Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

- Rogers M. Smith