Covers the formation and histories of new states in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Bosnia, through their final subjugation by the Ottomans

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"Any further advances in scholarship on the late medieval Balkans will have to begin with this book."
---George Majeska, University of Maryland

The Late Medieval Balkans is the first comprehensive examination of the events of the late medieval Balkan history---events that were as important as they were fascinating.

The period that John Fine examines was an era of significant demographic, political, and religious change in the region. During this time, native populations were supplemented or replaced by the Bulgars and various Slavic tribes, who were to become the Bulgarians, Serbs, and Croats---ethnic identities whose historical conflicts have persisted to this day.

The Late Medieval Balkans is an important source for those who wish to expand their knowledge of this turbulent period and who wish to broaden their understanding of the region.

John V. A. Fine, Jr., is Professor of History, University of Michigan.

John V. A. Fine, Jr. is Professor of History, University of Michigan.