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Amherst Series in Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought (Series)

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Identities, Politics, and Rights

A reevaluation of how rights liberate and constrain human behavior

Human Rights

Concepts, Contests, Contingencies

Brings together essays that examine contestation and contingency in today's human rights politics

Law's Violence

Seven diverse voices probe the use of violence to enforce law and the effect of this use of violence on law

Cultural Pluralism, Identity Politics, and the Law

How do moves to recognize ethnic and cultural identity affect the idea of equality before the law?

Legal Rights

Historical and Philosophical Perspectives

Explores the postmodern challenges to efforts to ground rights outside of history and language

Law in the Domains of Culture

Explores the relationship between culture and law

Law in Everyday Life

An exploration of law's place in everyday life and the influence of everyday life on the law

The Fate of Law

Assesses the impact of intellectual and political movements of the late twentieth century on law and legal theory

Law's Madness

A provocative collection of essays that reveals how the law takes its definition from what it excludes

The Place of Law

An important book that urges us to ask about the usefulness of metaphors of place in the design of legal regulation

Lives in the Law

Examines how the lives of individuals, social groups, and nations are fashioned by their engagement with the law