Includes a special section on teaching Yeats


Yeats XIII features a special section, "Approaches to Teaching Yeats." Nine top scholars (Jonathan Allison, George Bornstein, Ronald Bush, Elizabeth Butler Cullingford, Herbert J. Levine, Marjorie Perloff, Jahan Ramazani, J. P. Riquelme, and M. L. Rosenthal) contribute essays on how to use the poet in the classroom, examining Yeats in different contexts, from the question of authorial intention to Yeats and feminism to the poet's genres and style. Some of the pieces explore the teaching of particular poems, some suggest ways of working with the entire corpus. No teacher of Yeats will want to be without this section.
Other featured articles include Susan Bazargan on Yeats and colonialism and Margaret Mills Harper on Yeats's religion. Conrad A. Balliet provides a supplement to his W. B. Yeats: A Census of the Manuscripts, listing all manuscripts missing from the earlier work; David Greetham reviews recent volumes in the Cornell Yeats edition; and as always the volume includes a comprehensive Yeats bibliography (for 1993-94) and a compilation of dissertation abstracts (1994).
Richard J. Finneran is Hodges Chair of Excellence Professor of English, University of Tennessee at Knoxville.