A peek at the gifts the Greeks offered to their gods


In the fourth century BC, the Athenians introduced to the sacred isle of Delos the habit of making marble inscriptions that noted inventories of goods in religious precincts. These inscriptions are now quite damaged and badly preserved, but they offer a trove of information about religious practice on this most unusual island. Richard Hamilton has tackled the difficult task of examining and analyzing these inscriptions and provides a wealth of information about the inventories and the island of Delos.
Hamilton offers detailed insight into the workings of one of the most important Greek sanctuaries, bringing together information that is otherwise widely scattered in a number of modern and ancient languages. He offers English translations of the inventories and presents extensive notes on objects recorded, on how the inventories were listed and weighed, and on aspects of Delian life and politics.
Treasure Map is a major resource for scholars and students of Greek religion and history, epigraphy, ancient economics, and politics.

Richard Hamilton is Paul Shorey Professor of Greek at Bryn Mawr College, and the author of Choes and Anthesteria, also published by the University of Michigan Press.