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Latin Inscriptions in the Kelsey Museum

The Dennison and De Criscio Collections

Subjects: Classical Studies, Roman
Ebook : 9780472025473, 264 pages, 399 B&W photographs, March 2010
Hardcover : 9780472115167, 264 pages, 399 B&W photographs, 8.5 x 11, January 2006
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A unique collection of primary source material from the Roman world

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Preface     vii
Editing Conventions     ix
Introduction     1

1 De Criscio Collection: Inscriptions from Campania
Imperial Government (1-7)     11
Local Administration (8-11)     14
Religious Dedications (12-16)     16
Funerary, Naval (17-70)     19
Funerary, Army (71-72)     58
Funerary, Civilian (73-256)     60
Funerary, without Names (257-264)     159
Miscellaneous Fragments (265-271)     163
Lead Waterpipes (272-284)     165
Falsae vel Incertae (285-286)     170

2 Dennison Collection and Other Inscriptions from Rome 
Funerary, Army (287-292)     173
Funerary, Civilian (293-347)     177
Funerary, with Only a Cognomen (348-367)     203
Funerary, without Definitive Names (368-390)     213
Instrumentum Domesticum (391)     222
Lead Waterpipes (392-393)     222
Falsae vel Incertae (394-395)     223

3 Inscriptions from Africa and Asia
Terenouthis (396)     225
Karanis (397)     225
Carthage (398-399)     226
Antioch (400)     227

Bibliography     229

Concordances to Accession Numbers and Standard Collections     241
Topographical Index     245
Index of Personal Names     246
Subject Index     252


The Latin inscriptions in the Kelsey Museum are among the best primary sources we have for documenting the lives of the lower classes in the Roman world. They provide unique evidence of the details of Roman daily life, including beliefs, occupations, families, and attitudes toward death.

The 400 entries in this volume include all of the Latin inscriptions on stone or metal in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan; they represent the largest, and arguably the most important, collection of Latin inscriptions in the Western Hemisphere. The collection is notable not just for its size but for the fact that almost all the inscriptions were acquired by purchase for their scholarly and educational value to the members of the university community. Because of this, the collection is also an important testimony to a seminal phase in the development of the study of Classics at the University of Michigan. For the first time ever, this project makes the Latin inscriptions of the Kelsey available in one volume and has provided an opportunity to reexamine some texts that have not been edited in over a century. The commentaries for this edition have benefited from a wealth of recent scholarship resulting in some amended readings and reidentification of texts.

Steven L. Tuck is Assistant Professor of Classics at Miami University of Ohio.

The Kelsey Museum Studies series, edited by University of Michigan professors Elaine Gazda, Margaret Cool Root, and John Pedley, is designed to publish unusual material in the Museum's collections, together with reports of current and past archaeological expeditions sponsored by the University of Michigan.

Steven L. Tuck is Assistant Professor of Classics at Miami University of Ohio.