Remembering Tanizaki Jun’ichiro and Matsuko

Diary Entries, Interview Notes, and Letters, 1954-1989

Subjects: Asian Studies, Japan, Literary Studies, Asian Literature, Biography, Memoir
Hardcover : 9780472073658, 118 pages, 9 B&W Photographs, 5.5 x 8, September 2017
Ebook : 9780472123223, 118 pages, 9 B&W Photographs, 5.5 x 8, September 2017
Paperback : 9780472053650, 118 pages, 9 B&W Photographs, 5.5 x 8, September 2017
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An essential companion for Tanizaki scholars and aficionados alike, providing a glimpse of the man from those closest to him

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Remembering Tanizaki Jun’ichirō and Matsuko provides previously unpublished memories, anecdotes, and insights into the lives, opinions, personalities, and writings of the great novelist Tanizaki Jun’ichirō (18861965) and his wife Matsuko (19031991), gleaned from the diaries of Edward Seidensticker and two decades of Anthony Chambers’s conversations with Mrs. Tanizaki and others who were close to the Tanizaki family.

Anthony H. Chambers, a scholar and translator of Japanese literature, has taught at Wesleyan, Arizona State, the Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies, and the Associated Kyoto Program. He lives in San Diego.

Remembering Tanizaki Jun’ichirō and Matsuko is a must read for Tanizaki lovers. Once I started I couldn’t put it down and found myself squealing with delight at each new morsel of detail about the life and opinions of Tanizaki and his remarkable third wife and muse, Matsuko. The book takes an unapologetically biographical, if not downright gossipy, approach. This perhaps makes it more of a book for fans than for scholars.  For those of us who are both, it feels at times like a bit of a guilty pleasure. It is both a record and an example of the kind of fan-like devotion that Tanizaki continues to inspire.”
—J. Keith Vincent, Boston University, and award-winning translator of Okamoto Kanoko’s A Riot of Goldfish and Tanizaki’s Devils in Daylight

"The book is rich in quotidian detail, offering one of the most intimate portraits of Tanizaki’s life to date...a valuable and fascinating document."
--Times Literary Supplement

- Times Literary Supplement

"These memoirs are welcome and precious..."
--Japan Times

- Japan Times