A history of nursing in the context of higher and professional education

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Foreword     ix

Nurses and Nursing History     1

Chapter One
Defining a Profession, 1898-1928     25

Chapter Two
Hard Times and New Directions, 1929-1949     59

Chapter Three
Building a College of Nursing, 1950-1964     101

Chapter Four
Forging a New Professionalism, 1965-1980     151

Chapter Five
Nursing Education in an Evolving Health Care System, 1981-1998     241


Appendix A: Presidents of the University of Iowa and Directors of Nursing Education     297

Appendix B: Deans of the University of Iowa College of Nursing     298

Appendix C: The College of Nursing Pin     300

Index    303


This narrative history of nursing education is a case study of a single institution set within the context of trends in the nursing profession, nursing education, and health care practices in the Midwest and the United States. The detailed research and analysis in this work make a fundamental contribution not only to the history of nursing but also to the broader history of women's work, the history of women in higher education, and the history of the health care professions.
The Midwestern focus of Complete in All Its Parts and its emphasis on the post-World War II emergence of the University of Iowa College of Nursing provide a fresh perspective on the education of nurses, especially the education of nurses within a major teaching-research university. In doing so, this book pushes nursing historiography beyond the profession's early development, details the struggles involved in establishing nursing as a legitimate academic endeavor in the university environment, and provides groundwork for a comparison with other such institutions across the nation.
Its core audience includes health care professionals and educators as well as institutional historians, perhaps especially those involved in the history of American health care institutions.
Lee Anderson and Kathy Penningroth are partners in A & P Historical Resources of Coralville, Iowa.