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Focusing on the human interaction of the industry this collection of essays asks, "Can you teach compassion?"

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Copyright © 2005, University of Michigan. All rights reserved.


In this expanded edition, an accomplished physician and teacher of medicine discusses the importance of being a caring doctor, especially now that the focus of medicine is increasingly on technological innovation and health care costs.

With wisdom and compassion, Dr. Jerome Lowenstein tells stories about relationships between medical students and their teachers, physicians and their patients. He reflects on what doctors learn from treating chronic illness; how they respond to patients' needs for reassurance; how they bear the burden of treating patients with life-threatening or degenerative disease; whether the distinction between traditional and "alternative" medical treatment is ultimately beneficial or destructive; and many other issues. Dr. Lowenstein's ruminations on humanistic approaches to learning and practicing medicine will be treasured by physicians, medical students, and patients alike.

Jerome Lowenstein is Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Nephrology Division at New York University School of Medicine. He also directs the Humanistic Aspects of Medical Education Program at NYU Medical Center.