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Chapter 1. China and the KIEOs: The Historical Significance
The Issues at Stake: Implications for International Political Economy; The Implications for China; A Historical Perspective; Principal Findings     1

Chapter 2. Two Moving Targets of Undetermined Trajectories
The Origins and Purposes of the KIEOs; The Evolution of the KIEOs; China's Successive National Security and Development Strategies; Conclusion     21

Chapter 3. The Process of Engagement with IMF and IBRD
A Successful Engagement; To the Mid-1970s; Establishing Direct Contact with the KIEOs, 1976-79; The Decision for Participation in IMF and the World Bank, 1979 through Winter, 1980; Negotiating the Terms for Membership in IMF and the World Bank, Spring-Summer, 1980     57

Chapter 4. Negotiations about China's Application for Full Participation in GATT
Early Contact, 1980-83; Linden and Dunkel Visits, 1984, 1985, and 1986; The Chinese Calculus; Initial Negotiations; The American Position; The Chinese Position in the Negotiations; Hong Kong and Taiwan; Prospects for GATT Negotiations; An Appraisal     83

Chapter 5. The Process of Initial Participation in the KIEOs
Integrating a State into the KIEOs: The Four Stages; The World Bank; The International Monetary Fund; GATT; An Appraisal     107

Chapter 6. The Process of Mutual Adjustment
Adjustment in the KIEOs; Adjustment in China; The Trouble Spots; Reasons for Success     129

Chapter 7. Implications for the Future
Implications for Perspectives about International Political Economy; A Cautionary Note; A Shared Responsibility; Implications for Soviet Union Entry into the KIEOs; Toward a Global Economic Order     157

1. World Bank China Approved Projects     173
2. World Bank Publications Dealing with China     176
3. Questionnaire: Substantive Questions     180

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Studies the evolving relationship between China and the keystone international economic organizations