A text in business Arabic for intermediate learners


Raji M. Rammuny's Business Arabic, Intermediate Level is intended for intermediate learners who have completed at least two regular years of Arabic study. It contains twenty-one lessons, in addition to a general introduction that includes useful information on Arab countries. The lessons are arranged by situational topics pertinent to travel, social, and business interactions. Each lesson is supported by audio and video cassettes of about two to five minutes each. The set of dialogues employs a specific form of spoken standard Arabic that is flexible enough to be understood throughout the Arab world. Learners who successfully complete this part will be able to perform well in a variety of situations, both social and business. The cultural notes and questions for discussion in each lesson familiarize the learners with Arab social customs and prepare them to start examining one's own culture and that of the Arab world.
The volume expects students to have control of basic vocabulary and grammatical structures that are typically covered in the first two years of Arabic instruction. Grammatical notes are given for review purposes, where necessary.