Arabic Sounds and Letters

A Beginning Programmed Course. Textbook and Manual

Combined Edition

Subjects: Foreign Language, Arabic
Paperback : 9780916798031, 168 pages, line illus throughout, 8.5 x 11, August 2006
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The textbook includes twenty lessons aimed at introducing Arabic sounds and writing system in a programmed method of instruction, supported by images and audio tapes*. The Manual consists of two parts. Part One includes a suggested methodology to guide teachers and students and Part Two contains basic communication needs in both Arabic script and transliteration to create a climate of enjoyable learning while students are acquiring the sounds and letters.

Raji M. Rammuny is Professor of Arabic Studies, Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan. He is the author of numerous books, including Advanced Standard Arabic through Authentic Texts and Audiovisual Materials, Parts 1 and 2, also published by the University of Michigan Press.

*The CD accompanying Arabic Sounds and Letters can be obtained from the UM Language Resource Center. Contact them by email at or by phone at 734-764-3521.