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Part 1. The Passing of the Soviet Threat

1. Mass Publics and New Thinking in Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy
William Zimmerman and Deborah Yarsike     3

2. Changing Elite Views on the International System
Allen Lynch     21

3. Reasonable Sufficiency and Defensive Defense in Soviet Conventional Military Policy
Richard Hyland Phillips     43

4. Dialectics of Doctrine: Politics of Resource Allocation and the Development of Soviet Military Thought
Philip G. Roeder     71

5. Patterns of Soviet Military Interventionism, 1975-1990: Alternative Explanations and Their Implications
Andrew Bennett     105

Part 2. Western Approaches to Security in a New Era

6. America's Soviet Policy: Patterns of Incentives
Miroslav Nincic     131

7. Models of Soviet-American Relations and Their Implications for Future Russian-American Relations
Charles L. Glaser and Ted Hopf     155

8. The European Security Implications of the Dissolution of the Soviet Empire
Paul Huth     185

Contributors     219
Index     221


Explores policy implications of the collapse of the Soviet Union