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Prologue: "At the Turn of a Civilisation"     1

Part 1. "Tradition," "Paideuma," "Order of Signs"

Chapter 1. Past and Present: Jones and the Modernists     7
Chapter 2: "Art and Sacrament"     39
Chapter 3: "Singing Where He Walks": Making and Remembering in In Parenthesis     51
Chapter 4. "Making This Thing Other": The Anathemata     69

Part 2. "Rite Follows Matriarchate": Reenvisioning Myth

Introduction to Part 2: The Maker and the Myth     85

Chapter 5. The Wasted Land and the Queen of the Woods: From In Parenthesis to The Book of Balaam's Ass     89
Chapter 6. Imagining History: Spengler, Dawson, and Joyce     117
Chapter 7. "Her Fiat Is Our Fortune": Feminine Presences in The Anathemata     139
Chapter 8. Open Questions: The Sleeping Lord     159

Conclusion: "Before His Time?": The Jones Legacy     183
Notes     195
Works Cited     205
Index     213


Identifies influences on the work of David Jones and explores the innovative qualities of his poetry