Michigan Classics in Chinese Studies (Series)

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The Tower of Myriad Mirrors

A Supplement to <em>Journey to the West</em>

Mixing slapstick and satire, Monkey’s enlightenment offers a glimpse into late Ming intellectual history

Exiles at Home

Stories by Ch’en Ying-chen

Nine stories imbued with the unique empathy and aesthetic strength of their author, an intellectual godfather to many contemporary Chinese writers in Taiwan and around the world

The Chinese Calculus of Deterrence

India and Indochina

An international relations classic that reveals the nature of Chinese foreign policy in the late Maoist years

Pan Chao

Foremost Woman Scholar of China

A pioneering study of the life and work of a Chinese woman scholar of the Eastern Han period

The Concept of Man in Early China

A staple in the study of early Chinese philosophy and civilization

The Concept of Man in Contemporary China

Considers the connections between politics, education, and distinctly Chinese theories of mind

The World around the Chinese Artist

Aspects of Realism in Chinese Painting

Traces the relationship between the self and landscape across three masters of Chinese painting