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Human-Environment Interactions (Series)

This series is closed for submissions.

The book series, Human-Environment Interactions, is designed to publish the best research being produced on the reciprocal interactions between human populations and the biophysical environment. This scholarship is inherently multidisciplinary, combining contributions from the physical, biological, and social sciences, coalescing around investigations into the human dimensions of global environmental change. Because this is an integrated science agenda, the books in the series will reflect this multidisciplinary complexity.
The series publishes work that addresses issues both timely and urgent in nature. They speak to our future, our present, and our past. In order to better address the ways in which feedbacks operate between the biophysical environment and the social and political context of human choice-making, series books provide a nuanced understanding, solidly backed by quantitative science, of the interactions of population and environment, their changing spatial and temporal distribution, their consumption patterns and their impact, and their changing production and reproduction strategies. Other issues that concern the series are the health impacts of global warming and the distribution of disease vectors; the impact of El NiƱo events upon coastal areas and upon places as varied as the desert Southwest and the Amazon; and how people forest and reforest their landscape. How might we anticipate these changes? How might we respond and prepare for these changes? Who is most vulnerable? These and other related topics will drive the series as we seek to stimulate readers to think, and to act.

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The Xavante in Transition

Health, Ecology, and Bioanthropology in Central Brazil

Illuminates the experience of a small-scale culture with large-scale change

Cattle Bring Us to Our Enemies

Turkana Ecology, Politics, and Raiding in a Disequilibrium System

An in-depth look at the ecology, history, and politics of land use among the Turkana pastoral people in Northern Kenya