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Harriet B. Applewhite and Darline G. Levy     1

The Myth of the Feminine Food Riot: Women as Proto-Citizens in English Community Politics, 1790-1810
John Bohstedt     21

Maculine and Feminine Political Practice during the French Revolution, 1793-Year III
Dominique Godineau     61

Women, Radicalization, and the Fall of the French Monarchy
Darline G. Levy and Harriet B. Applewhite     81

Women and Political Culture in the Dutch Revolutions
Wayne Ph. te Brake, Rudolf M. Dekker, and Lotte C. van de Pol     109

Women in Revolutionary Brussels: "The Source of Our Greatest Strength"
Janet Polasky     147

"The Powers of Husband and Wife Must Be Equal and Separate": The Cercle Social and the Rights of Women, 1790-91
Gary Kates     163

The Women of Boston: "Persons of Consequence" in the Making of the American Revolution, 1765-76
Alfred F. Young     181

"I have Don . . . much to Carrey on the Warr": Women and the Shaping of Republican Ideology after the American Revolution
Linda K. Kerber     227

Looking Back: Women of 1848 and the Revolutionary Heritage of 1789
Laura S. Strumingher     259

Contributors     287


Comparative historical investigations of gender and political culture in 18th- and 19th-century revolutionary movements