A formal theory of why some crises end in war

"This appealing book presents a collection of original models addressing whether, and how, an international crisis may turn into a war. . . . Untying the Knot of War is a solid introduction to what is bound to become an important and fruitful approach to crisis bargaining."
American Political Science Review

- American Political Science Review

"Untying the Knot of War will challenge and inform both the casual reader and the serious researcher. . . . For students or scholars interested in the causes of war and conflict resolution, Morgan highlights the importance of crisis outcomes, bargaining, and the potentially critical role played by agenda setters and third parties."
Mershon International Studies Review

- Mershon International Studies Review

Winner: American Political Science Association (APSA) 1996 Conflict Processes Section Award for Best Book on Conflict and Peace Studies

- APSA Best Book on Conflict and Peace Studies