The famous chronicle of the wealthy Athenian leader Xenophon, brought to life for the modern reader

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Book One     I
Book Two     34
Book Three     58
Book Four     83
Book Five     112
Book Six     142
Book Seven     167


In 401 B.C. the Middle East was as much the center of the world attention as it is today. Ten thousand Greeks joined the army of Cyros marching on Babylon to overthrow the great King of the Persians, Artaxerxes. Among the Greeks was an Athenian gentleman, Xenophon, who went along as a sightseer but soon found himself cast in the main role.

At Cunaxa, Cyros' forces met and resoundingly defeated the tremendous army of the King, but Cyros was killed while leading the attack. Stranded a thousand miles from home, the Greeks chose Xenophon as their new leader. The wealthy Athenian squire rose to the challenge. Using every trick of the pioneer in hostile territory, he brought his men back to safety. The March Up Country is a classic of courage and adventure.