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Contents Introduction          I The Life of St. Paul the First Hermit by St. Jerome          26 History of the Monks of Egypt Translated from the Greek by Rufinus of Aquileia          40 The Sayings of the FathersTranslated from the Greek by Pelagius the Deacon and John the Subdeacon          58 The Sayings of the FathersFrom the  Greek by an unknown translator          130 The Sayings of the FathersTranslated from the Greek by Paschasius the Deacon for the Abbot of Dumes          147 Of Accidie: Of Mortificationby Cassian of Marseilles          156 Fragments from the "Paradisus" of PalladiusFrom the Greek by an unknown translator         163 The "Pratum Spirituale" of John MoschusTranslated from the Greek by Ambrose of Camaldoli          166 The Life of St. Pelagia the Harlotby James the Deacon, translated from the Greek by Eustochius          173 The Life of St. Mary the Harlotby St. Ephraem of Edessa: translator unknown          189 Notes          203


The words of the 4th-century monastics who founded the Desert Rule