A comprehensive approach to renewing troubled companies


Since its publication in 1998, this indispensable text has been the only systematic examination of corporate renewal, offering a rational approach for dealing with financially distressed companies. It contains the first logical and orderly discussion of a number of modern business issues including outsourcing, turnaround management, layoffs, quality management, and reengineering.
Now in its third edition, Harlan D. Platt has revised, updated, and expanded the text. As the first edition did, this new Principles of Corporate Renewal cuts to the heart of the patterns, procedures, and pitfalls of bringing a corporation back to life and health. New and exciting materials in this edition include factors to consider on the first day of a turnaround assignment and essential turnaround questions that help assess and focus the turnaround effort. This is a highly readable book on a fairly complex topic. 

Harlan D. Platt is Professor of Finance at Northeastern University.