A multimedia exploration of an ancient art form


 Kutiyattam: Sanskrit Theater of India on CD-ROM offers an interactive, multi-media experience of what may be the world's oldest surviving genre of theater. Kutiyattam, which dates back to the tenth century C.E., is closely associated with Hindu temple life and religious ritual. 

Actors in elaborate costume and makeup use a gestural language, chanted speech, and exaggerated facial and eye expressions to perform the various roles of mythological characters, gods, and demons.

Through text, images, video, and audio, this CD-ROM explores the acting, costume, makeup, music, and architecture of Kutiyattam. Those interested in theater, religious ritual, or Indian culture will find Kutiyattam a fascinating journey.

System Requirements: 

Pentium processor, 32 MB RAM
Windows 95 
16-bit color display at 640 x 480
Sound Blaster or compatible sound card
Eight-speed CD-ROM drive

G3 or higher, 32 MB RAM
System 8.1
256 color display at 640 x 480
Eight-speed CD-ROM drive