An erudite, engaging and accessible book on the nature of historical thinking and writing

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The title question becomes a rabbit-hole through which we tumble in search of an answer, encountering everyone from Herodotus to Humphrey Bogart along the way. Is History Fiction? is an invaluable guide on how to weld creative thinking and sound research into meaningful history, and how to understand the different arguments that have abounded throughout time regarding the nature of history. More than a book of theory, this innovative work is an asset to the undergraduate classroom and the research seminar alike. Is History Fiction? will be a welcome aid for teaching historical writing and examining an age-old question.

Is History Fiction? is a must-read for undergraduate and graduate students and scholars from the humanities and social sciences, or anyone grappling with the enduring issues that have shaped the theory and practice of recording history.

In this second edition, Curthoys and Docker bring their history of history up to the present in their study of the History Wars and new approaches to world history and environmental history.

Ann Curthoys is Manning Clark Professor of History at the Australian National University.
John Docker is Adjunct Senior Research Fellow of the Australian National University's Humanities Research Centre.