A new series devoted to the interactive exploration of masterpieces of modern architecture


Form Function in Architecture, by architect R. Thomas Hille, is a CD-ROM series dedicated to the study and understanding of architectural form and, especially, the relationship between formal organization and content. The first two volumes in the Form Function series offer an interactive architectural tour of six masterpieces of modern architecture by influential twentieth-century architects. Form Function allows the user to interact with richly detailed color photographs of significant views and features of each building; diagrammatic overlays that point out key elements in the photograph; and text that conveys descriptive and analytical information. Each building presentation also includes a series of "planimations"--graphical summaries of the plan generation of the buildings--and background information on the building and its architect. The CD-ROMs in the series will be of interest to architects, students of design, and a general audience interested in contemporary architecture and design.

System Requirements

386 processor with 4 MB RAM
Windows 3.1
256-color display at 640 x 480
Double-speed CD-ROM drive

68020 processor with 4 MB RAM
System 7.0
256-color display at 640 x 480
Double-speed CD-ROM drive