The reappearance of a book written and published before its time


Originally published in 1967 to stunning reviews, Economic Organizations and Social Systems presents one of the few comprehensive visions of the relationship between the economy and other aspects of the social system. Robert Solo endeavors to answer the question of how to describe an actual economy, compare economies, or confront problems where the capacity to mobilize energies and to act as a coherent social force is at issue. The book, with a new preface, will be important reading for economists, sociologists, and law scholars seeking to develop an alternative vision of our economy and society.
Robert A. Solo is Professor Emeritus of Economics, Michigan State University.

Robert A. Solo is Professor Emeritus of Economics, Michigan State University.

"This is an important work, a milestone on the long and difficult road toward the development of an adequate theory of the dynamics of the world social system. . . ."
—Kenneth Boulding

- Kenneth Boulding

"Presents a powerful systemic paradigm for understanding economic issues and policies. It is rich in positive and normative content that will inspire students and teachers alike. . . . Professor Solo takes the reader beyond the prevailing understanding of neoclassical, Keynesian, and other schools of economics. Well organized, clearly written, and comprehensive, the book offers important insights for economists and noneconomists alike. Based on a broad, holistic, interdisciplinary approach to knowledge, the book sheds important new light on the relationship of economic theory to policy and on the practical and moral choices that individuals and organizations have to make if they would improve society. . . . It belongs on the essential reading list for socioeconomic and other interdisciplinary approaches to economic theory and policy. I recommend it to anyone seeking greater clarity about economic issues. It should be widely read and taught."
—Robert Ashford, Syracuse University

- Robert Ashford, Syracuse University