A history of women in the Western world

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Introduction 1
Early Civilizations 7
Greece 23
Rome 38
The Early Christians 48
The Middle Ages 61
Spirit in the Female 78
Court and Salon 91
Liberty Equality Sisterhood?
Industry and Husbandry 113
Working Women 120
Love and Duty 133
Progress and Reform 141
Socialism 156
Fascism and War 165
TwentiethCentury Trends 174
Postscript 187
Notes 191
Selected Bibliography 213
Index 223



Women's roles throughout time have been varied and many. They have been rulers, reformers, artisans, laborers, entertainers, writers, teachers, intellectuals, wives, and mothers. Often ignored by historians, their lives have been neglected and their influence overlooked. No more. Daughters of Time is their story.

"Mary Kinnear has done a fine job of synthesizing a varied and voluminous literature on women's history in the West in a useful and accessible form. Daughters of Time will be ideal as a text for women's history courses or as supplementary reading for the European history survey."
--Louise Tilly

- Louise Tilly