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Introduction: Culture and Identity (Barbara B. Diefendorf and Carla Hesse)-1

Part 1. Spiritual Identities
Hearing Lay People's Prayer (Virginia Reinburg)-19
The Huguenot Psalter and the Faith of French Protestants in the Sixteenth Century (Barbara B. Diefendorf)-41
Rituals of Conversion: Catholics and Protestants in Seventeenth-Century Poitou (Keith P. Luria)-65
Confessors, Penitents, and the Construction of Identities in Early Modern Avila (Jodi Bilinkoff)-83

Part 2. Social Identities
Writing and the Power of Speech: Notaries and Artisans in Baroque Rome (Laurie Nussdorfer)-103
People of the Ribera: Popular Politics and Neighborhood Identity in Early Modern Barcelona (James S. Amelang)-119
The Social Transformation of the French Parish Clergy, 1500-1800 (Andrew Barnes)-139
Deep Play in the Forest: The "War of the Demoiselles" on the Ariege, 1829-31 (Peter Sahlins)-159

Part 3. Cultural Identities
Between Oral and Written Culture: The Social Meaning of an Illustrated Love Letter (Elizabeth S. Cohen)-181
Print's Role in the Politics of Women's Health Care in Early Modern France (Alison Klairmont Lingo)-203
Deadly Parents: Family and Aristocratic Culture in Early Modern France (Jonathan Dewald)-223
Revolutionary Histories: The Literary Politics of Louise de Keralio, 1758-1822 (Carla Hesse)-237
Bibliography of Natalie Zemon  Davis's Work-261


Explores Natalie Zemon Davis's concept of history as a dialogue, not only with the past, but with other historians.