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Constructing Culture and Power
Daniel H. Levine     1

Capitalist Dreams: Chile's Response to Nineteenth-Century World Copper Competition
William W. Culver and Cornel J. Reinhart     41

Local History in Global Context: Social and Economic Transitions in Western Guatamela
Carol A. Smith     75

Peasants into Rebels: Community and Class in Rural El Salvador
A. Douglas Kincaid     119

Black and White and Color: Cardenismo and the Search for a Campesino Ideology
Marjorie J. Becker     155

Popular Groups, Popular Culture, and Popular Religion
Daniel H. Levine     171

Organizing, Ideology, and Moral Suasion: Political Discourse and Action in a Mexican Town
Michael W. Foley     227

To Be in Between: The Cholas as Market Women
Linda J. Seligmann     267

Regarding the Philanthropic Ogre: Cultural Policy in Brazil, 1930-45/1964-90
Randal Johnson     311

The Function of the Form: Power Play and Ritual in the 1988 Mexican Presidential Campaign
Larissa Adler Lomnitz, Claudio Lomnitz Adler, and Ilya Adler     357

Political Elites and State Building: The Case of Nineteenth-Century Brazil
Jose Murilo de Carvalho     403

The Cuban Revolution in Comparative Perspective
Susan Eckstein     429

Contributors     461
Index     463


Provides a basis for understanding change in Latin America and what that understanding means for scholarly analysis